Issue includes contributions relating to Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month with several contributors discussing how women have advanced – and continue – to advance, lead and guide our state and nation in various disciplines and vocations.

The words expressed are from varying perspectives, of course, but provide lens and insight by which to view issues facing our communities, state and nation.
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For more information on the origin of Women’s History Month, consult numerous online resources, including:’s%20History%20Month%20started%20as,History%20Week%E2%80%9D%20celebration%20in%201978

Future Thematic Issues

Future thematic issues will explore:

  • The West Virginia Index: Opportunities facing the state (June)
  • Employment and labor-related matters, including workforce preparedness (September 2024)
  • Public and Higher Education (November)
  • 2025 Regular Session Preview (January 2025)

I want to thank those who made this issue possible, including, of course, contributors as well as Senate and House Clerks Office staff.

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